Bio Diesel

Biodiesel is an alternative diesel fuel made from renewable resources. It can be used just like normal diesel in any car without any conversion costs. It can mix perfectly with normal diesel in any blend and is non-toxic and almost odourless. Biodiesel is the name for a variety of ester-based oxygenated fuels made from either used vegetable cooking oil or new edible vegetable cooking oil.

  • Bio Diesel is cheaper than normal Diesel.
  • 100% legal to use in your car, van or truck.
  • The government actively encourages Bio Diesel as a means to help reduce the UK's carbon emissions.
  • You can use biodiesel in most vehicles without any modifications what so ever

bio diesel


Q. Can I mix traditional petroleum based diesel and Biodiesel?
A. Yes, you can. You can blend both fuels and it won't affect your vehicles performance.

Q. Will it be okay in my vehicle?
A. Yes, please note though that older vehicles (pre 1992) have rubber pipes within the engine which could deteriorate over time (years). However they can be inexpensively replaced enabling the vehicle to run on biodiesel. Biodiesel is safe to use in (almost) all conventional diesel engines. If you are unsure, check your manufacturer’s website for details.

Q. Will biodiesel affect my engine?
A. Biodiesel has been used in cars, vans and trucks all over Europe for over 10 years. Even the UK taxing laws have changed to give biodiesel a cheaper rate of tax to encourage more use of biodiesel in this country. 1000's of people have used biodiesel made to this strict en14214 European standard in the UK alone this year. Many biodiesel consumers have noticed better mpg, quieter smoother engines, longer engine life and a major reduction of carbon dioxide.

Q. Are there any downsides to Biodiesel?
A. At the moment car manufacturers are not fully supporting development for biofuels, so you may find you can't use 100% biodiesel without invalidating your warranty. If you have any doubts please contact your car dealer with your make and model for information. If this is the case you should still be able to add biodiesel to your tank as a blend and get the benefits of some reduction in your carbon footprint.

Q. Will using Biodiesel affect my cars performance?
A. Biodiesel is a natural cleaning agent, which means it will very quickly clean out your engine and improve performance and fuel economy. It will reduce particulate emissions (which is that cloud of black smoke you can see from a diesel engine car that pulls away in front of you) by up to 60%.

Q. Why should I use biodiesel in my vehicle?
• You can save £1000's a year by switching to biodiesel.
• Biodiesel is 100% legal to use in your car, van or truck.

Q. What’s this I’ve heard about having to change my fuel filter?
A. Normal diesel forms sediments that stick to and accumulate in your fuel tank. Over time, this accumulation forms layers of sludge. Biodiesel will dissolve and clean these deposits from your fuel tank, fuel line and engine.
Although it is unlikely, material flushed through your fuel system may clog your fuel filter therefore we recommend you change your fuel filter once when you first start using biodiesel. Normally this is done after 3 or 4 full fill ups, after which, you can change it based on your normal regular annual service. This shouldn’t cost more than about £10-20 from the likes of eBay and is a quick job for yourself or any local garage would charge around £5-£10 to swap these over for you.

Q. Is biodiesel the same as “Red / Green diesel” or “Gas oil”?
A. No, Red diesel / Green Diesel and gas oil are rebated fuels and are illegal to use in your car. Biodiesel however has been made especially for road use. Its fuel duty and tax have been paid on it making it 100% legal for all road use, for cars, vans and trucks etc.

Q. Is Biodiesel legal for road use?
A. Yes, In fact the government actively encourages its use as a means to help reduce the UK's carbon emissions.

Q. What about carbon monoxide?
A. Biodiesel reduces this by approximately 50%.

Q. What about sulphur emissions?
A. Biodiesel contains no sulphur, therefore reducing emissions by 100% over conventional diesel fuels.

Q. Is it safe to store Biodiesel?
A. Biodiesel has a low flash point nearly twice that of diesel, which means it is safe to store above ground and the risk of it igniting is low.

General summary

  • Change your fuel filter after your first three biodiesel fuel ups.
  • Our biodiesel is always going to be cheaper than normal diesel.
  • You can use biodiesel in most vehicles without any modifications what so ever.

Who is already using Bio Diesel ?

  • Barry Mc Mullan – Mechanic (Mc Mullan Autos Fergort Road Derrynoose 028 37 531 766) using Bio Diesel in both his vehicles. Also his Dad – Kevin Mc Mullan – Honda and brother Chris Mc Mullan - Mitsubishi Shogun)
  • Philip Wilson Ground Works Contractor Lurgan 5 Vehicles ( 2 Jeeps and 3 cars on Bio Diesel over past 5+ Years).
  • Gerry Mc Carron Owner of G2 Technical Services Broomfield Carrickmacross, has Mercedes Jeep and Company vans on Bio Diesel.
  • Noel Curry Rathcumber Road Middletown 3 cars using Bio Diesel approx 5 months Vauxhall, Peugeot & V W
  • Niall Murray ( Master Plaster ) Listrakelt Road, Derrynoose, Co. Armagh - Ford Transit 0879 825 067
  • Geraldine Murray Listrakelt Rd Derrynoose, Ford Focus
  • Michael Mc Carrney  Derrynoose Armagh  Toyota Land Crusier
  • Dairmuid Murphy (Spark) Derryoose Peugoet Van
  • Thomas Kelly (Farmer) Listrakelt Derrynoose 3 cars at house running on Bio Diesel approx 4-5 months
  • James Carroll, Broomfield, Co Monaghan -  Ford Focus 086 389 6360
  • John Curry, Rathcumber Road Middletown - Volks Wagen Polo 07707 295 656
  • Keiron Beattie, Listrakelt Rd Derrynoose Armagh - Peugoet 306 - using BioDiesel approx 6 months
  • Orla Mc Nally Derryoose - Volks Wagen Sharan - Using Bio Diesel approx 7 months
  • Tom Mc Nally Derrynoose - Audi A4 - Using Bio Diesel approx 7 months
  • Thomas & Vera Mc Nally Derryoose - Peugeot - Using Biodiesle approx 7 months
  • Gerry Mc Guigan, Drumbo, Clontibret - Ford Transit
  • Peter Mc Guigan 61 Crossdall Road Derrynoose Armagh 028 37 531 304     Using Bio Diesel in 2 Peugeots , 5 months 

Save Money

- SAVE £933.00 per year on Road Diesel.

- 35.9p per ltr SAVING compared to Standard Road Diesel in North of Ireland, which currently costs approx £1.459

- 35.9p SAVING x 50 litres per week = £17.95 per week saving.

- X 52 weeks per year = £933.40 per year saving. No need for any conversion of your car. Just fill up and save!

- Compared to Standard Road Diesel in Republic of Ireland, which costs approx €1.60 per litre, you save 24.2cent per ltr x 50 lts per week = SAVING €12.10 per week x 52 weeks SAVING €629.20 per year.

Further reading.

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